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Ekko by tiagorcp
Drew Ekko over the weekend. Sorry for being innactive lately but I don't really like posting studies and unfinished stuff

Trying to figure out a way to finish stuff faster, ignoring some details
Tristana by tiagorcp
I actually really liked the Tristana rework. Some people think its weird in some ways but she just looked so bad before that looking at this new design is very refreshing. Plus I liked playing Tristana before and the new looks and kit make her much more entretaining to play. So I immediately decided to work something up about Trist. I actually wanted to do somehting less human in a way, I guess it's as much free as it is difficult so I ended up pretty much copying the yordle style from some of the rework concept art, not even sure who made it sadly.

Trying to figure out colours. At some point I just had to push the saturation because it looked really grey but it might've ended up kind of odd with the brown/green/blue harmony.

Actually there's some stuff I already know I can fix better but I'm just trying not to get too atached to this so I can move on to other stuff, so this pretty much shows what I can do generally right now.

Please leave a comment if you feel like, I apreciate all the feedback I can get!
Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance by tiagorcp
Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance
So yet another League of Legends fan art. Don't worry it's not over yet, there's another one waiting to be submited which probably looks better than this since I've invested a lot more time on it. I've been trying to focus on more basic stuff like studies when it comes to digital, so this was before that. I was just kind of hoping I would get to 'finish' it but I've been so into some other stuff I just decided to wrap this up real quick before it goes rotten.

This was another process pretty much inspired by KNKL's stuff (you might as well search for it on youtube, ex Riot artist, personal style, lineart heavy process). Really like his work, trying to get away from it tecnically to keep my mind open.

Photoshop only, like almost everything that finds its way here.
Diana, Scorn of the Moon by tiagorcp
Diana, Scorn of the Moon
Now some actual League of Legends fanart! I've been into Diana for a while in the game and I really like her design visually. It's really ''fanart friendly'' since the armor is not too complex and fits to her body quite simply. It also makes it a lot of fun to draw. Even though the Succubus thing was most recent this one looks a bit sharper as a finished product but they we're made at the same time and lots of things I learned doing one helped me on the other since the style is similar

Photoshop CS6

That's it for this small update, even though I'm still missing basically everything I've done since September x_x Hope to keep you posted!
Succubus by tiagorcp
So I've wanted to post this for a while now. This was one of the last pieces I managed to somewhat finish before THU this year and I felt like it was a great leap for me in terms of rendering. Even though it's just grayscale and there's no background and the pose is simple, which makes all of it easier, I feel like rendering is usually a big obstacle for me for no apparent reason. I feel like this shows some progress in some ways.

It was intended as LoL fanart because I had this idea for a Succubus themed Ahri skin but couldn't quite put the concept together properly. Seems like the upcoming Dauntless Ahri is somewhat a good variation of this theme (?). Since it started to look weird in many ways for a skin I decided to just make it a drawing. People have told me it looks like Ahri without knowing this but LoL is too popular and nine tails is a great giveaway.

Photoshop CS6
So it's been a while since I last updated my dA. I have some new stuff and stuff I'm working on but I'd like to update when I have a bit more so it looks better as an update. Meanwhile you can check my blog, which is a bit more updated since it's easier for me to post there, especially because nobody will check it so I just write whatever comes to mind.

Meanwhile I'm posting because Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is coming soon and I'm going. Last year was a great experience and it's a great motivation to start a year of hard work (I hope). So to apply for a mentorship session with some of the artists going there I had to come up with a portfolio to show. I don't expect much but I've got nothing to lose so I had to try :) Here's the portfolio  It's got some pieces that I haven't put here yet, but you can check them out in my blog, even though the most updated link is the portfolio.

So if you're going to THU, we'll meet there, it will be awesome. if you don't know what THU is, well you can still go (xD) or maybe next year because it's really espensive now lol.
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